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This blog is going to be personal. It is going to be deep and it can be triggering to some people. If you are uncomfortable reading content about abuse,Then this page will not be for you. Feel free to join me as I tell my story of my past life in my current life and what makes me Who I am Today.

Love Ally

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  • Entry #58
    Dear Reader, I am currently sitting in my living room listening to my kids playing on the deck outside. Playing dinosaurs splashing in a lake outside. Really its just a small pool but in there imagination, it is a lake. I remember rare moments as a child where I was fully playing and being imaginativeContinue reading “Entry #58”
  • Entry #57
    Dear Reader, I want to be remembered as the mom who didnt go down without a fight. As the child who loved so openly even though she was treated so horribly by many people. I want to be remembered as the friend who was still there for her people even when she was struggling. IContinue reading “Entry #57”
  • Entry #56
    Dear Reader, I used to think that noone else felt pain quite like I did. And thats true in a way because we all carry pain differently. But as I have opened up about my past and my present I have collected new wounds along the way. Like Daggers into my back with each realizationContinue reading “Entry #56”
  • Entry #55
    Dear Reader, I’ve had a little bit of a mental frustration the past couple days. Mostly blaming myself on and off for a majority of things. You know what is funny? According to my abusers I have done this to myself. By choosing to come forward. By telling the truth. I didn’t have to doContinue reading “Entry #55”

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About Me

Hi, I’m Ally! Mom of three, wife of a Cal Fire Engineer. I am a sexual Abuse survivor. My goal is to share the love of Jesus Through my story and to tell all readers that they are Not Alone.

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